Newsletter: Five Signs of Intentional Damage

The overwhelming majority of roofing systems examined by our firm have been damaged by a specific weather event, are succumbing to incorrect installations, have undergone natural wear and tear, or a combination thereof. Assignments involving intentional roof damage are rare, but blatantly obvious to our inspectors. This newsletter deals with identifying signs of intentional damage.

School Bus Garage Wind Damage

A claims examiner contacted us to advise him on two proposals to remediate wind damage to a public school bus garage in New York State. Two contractors' proposals failed to take into account the New York State Energy Code as it relates to tapered insulation to be installed above the roof deck. We specified the minimum insulation thickness required by code so that the proposals could be re-adjusted and a proper repair cost calculated.

Flat Roof Failure

In the context of insurance claims, identifying the cause of roof failure is critical. On this particular assignment, Silver McGee was dispatched to inspect and report on the cause. Improper installations and wear and tear was identified as the source of the leak.

Condominium Board Packet

A premium condominium complex in the Northeast suffered damages during the winter of 2014 - 2015. Silver McGee was retained to investigate, report on the causes, recommend immediate repairs, and create a roof replacement budget for the board's use. An RFP was also created for contractors, specifying the exact work needed in the complex.

Supermarket Personal Injury Lawsuit / Malfunctioning Gutter

Our services were retained by an attorney whose client was injured due to a malfunctioning gutter causing ice to form on a sidewalk. The siding, gutter, and soffit were inspected and it was determined that lack of maintenance was a precipitating cause of the gutter overflow and formation of ice on the sidewalk below.

Improper Flat Roof Installation

A homeowner suffered extensive leaking immediately following a new roof installation. We identified the factors that caused the failures, cited the manufacturers' installation instructions, described the scope of work needed to halt leaks, and presented the same in a report for the homeowner's use.


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