Insights into every loss

Our services are differentiated from those of seasoned adjusters, engineers, and other construction professionals because our consultants are roofing industry veterans who have intimate, hands-on experience installing and servicing every waterproofing system in use today. Unlike a roofing contractor, our goal is to deliver you timely, insightful, fair, and actionable information and recommendations, not an estimate of inappropriate scope.

Every structure. Every roofing system.

From small, gable-style, residential roofs covered in asphalt shingles to school campus buildings covered in a mix of slate, copper, and EPDM, we have investigated every type of roofing on residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal buildings.

Reports that remove uncertainty

Our reports are valued because they provide clear determinations of system failure that can be understood by the layman, adjuster, and construction professional alike. We separate causes of failure like wind, hail, fire, lightening, damage by tradesmen, vandalism, and tree impacts from improper installation & maintenance, manufacturer's defects, wear & tear, design deficiencies, and more. We provide repair and replacement cost estimates when requested and specify repair and replacement procedures.

Making catastrophes manageable

Catastrophes are an insurer's greatest challenge, requiring the investigation of a large number of claims that involve great amounts of damage, sometimes spread out over an expansive territory. Our consultants have worked with insurance professionals from Massachusetts to Florida, and have provided them with high quality, actionable reporting on roofing damages as a result of record snowfalls, hail, windstorms, and hurricanes.

Support at every step

Our consultants provide support throughout the lifespan of a claim, from an initial investigation and report to appraisal and litigation. Expert witness services and crafting EBT questions that get to the root of the issue are just some of the value we can provide so that the cause of a roofing failure becomes readily apparent to all parties.

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